tank cleaning

Tank Cleaning:


The words tank cleaning are the most misused words in the industry.  When it is possible we enter the tank, remove all of the sludge with a vacuum truck, pressure wash the interior and wipe it dry leaving the tank spotless inside.  Fuel polishing is not a tank cleaning.  Fuel polishing is nothing more than filtering the fuel.  This is an excellent thing to do as you are putting your fuel back in the tank that has just been cleaned but it is not actually cleaning the tank.  We have been cleaning tanks for more than 40 years and have state of the art fuel polishing and tank cleaning equipment for performing non-entry tank cleanings for those tanks that do not have an access or manway lid.



      Tank cleaned by a competitor                               Same tank after cleaned by us!


There is not just one tank cleaning method that applies to every tank.  That is why you need to choose a company that is equipped to handle tanks with different needs.  Tanks with years of neglect need to have the good fuel pumped and filtered off the top and into a tanker for storage.  This leaves the sludge on the bottom.  Now the tank can be cleaned without the possibility of contaminating the fuel.  When we do this your fuel gets polished twice.  We polish the fuel going into our tanker, keeping it clean, and we polish the fuel going back in after the tank has been cleaned.  There are many companies that will sell you a tank cleaning.  They show up with a small pump and filtering device and circulate the fuel.  They will quickly steer you away from all other options because they do not have other options to offer.  It is important for the tank owner or operator to recognize that keeping tank bottoms clean is important for the life of their tank and choose a service company that can handle their needs. We have the proper equipment and we know how to use it.