tank removal

Tank Removal:


Warren Tank Industries, Inc. has removed hundreds of tanks over the years. Many of these tanks that we removed were in conjunction with installing a new tank in its place. If contaminated soil is present, we can handle the excavation and removal of these soils economically and efficiently. When we remove a tank from the ground we keep one of our vacuum trucks on site the entire time the tank is being excavated and piping is being handled. This way there is not any accidental spillage. Keeping a vacuum truck on site in not a requirement by law, but it should be. Many UST removers make a mess by pulling tanks that have not been properly cleaned, creating environmental damage that can be costly to their customer somewhere down the line. When you are choosing a company to remove a UST for you it is important to choose one that is well equipped. If a contractor is not well equipped they have to subcontract to others that might not be skilled or certified for removing tanks or rent the equipment and learn how to use it on your job. We have the knowledge, skills and equipment to handle your UST needs and at all times certified, qualified technicians are on site.